Michael Venditti

Copy Editor, Columnist

I am a writer with a background in Fine Arts education. I author accessible, inclusive, and empathetic language to support the relationship between products and users. My job is to tailor solutions with clear communication in evolving circumstances.

I contribute to the Global Support Newsletter at Shopify as the copy editor and a columnist engaging a global audience. I ensure my work is consistently fulfilling by interpretting feedback from team leads and other writers. A high degree of collaboration and organization is required to deliver meaningful content with each publication. I have demonstrated my ability to act as multiple roles within the Newsletter team to ensure a consistent experience in every issue. I have proposed content for the interview column to spotlight emerging roles within Shopify. I successfully completed the interview and submitted it's documentation to be published in a previous issue.

My experience as a support advisor has ingrained a thorough understanding of ecommerce culture that I weave into daily conversations with Shopify merchants, colleagues, and partners. I have become a mentor for new Shopify employees on all live channels to provide me with a well-rounded knowledge of the unique ecosystem that exists in Support as the most diverse merchant facing community.

If you want to play in the infinite game, you must have trusting teams.

Hear it from Simon Sinek

Continue reading samples of my work here on various social topics ranging from self-care to establishing professional goals.